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Well, hot damn! Congratulations to you both. Given the long absence of a new post, I had feared that something bad had happened. Great to hear the opposite to be the case. May you enjoy a long and happy second life.

Congratulations young man! you too Laura.

¡ Felicidades !

Congratulations two both you! Great pic of you two. The terra cotta hexagon tile reminds me of Bruin walk at my alma mater.

Congratulations John&Laura on your Wedding. Your Wedding Picture is Picture Perfect!! I happened to come across your BLog because I am interested in started a Blog on my Beautiful Grandmother Mami Chuy.Her life and the life we were so blessed to have with her.I don't know where to start. Any Pointers? Does Laura have a BLog too?

Congrats on the marriage.
May you two be healthy & happy and well loved !

Congratulations John and Laura on your wedding and wish you both for happy married life. Both looks nice in wedding dress.

John, I'm so happy for you and Laura. It is so wonderful to share life with someone you love.

I wish you many years of happiness and joy.

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